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How our Clinical Advisory Board are central to core clinical negligence services at Speed Medical
How our Clinical Advisory Board are central to core clinical negligence services at Speed Medical

29 Sep 2021

How our Clinical Advisory Board are central to core clinical negligence services at Speed Medical

Overseeing the core service provisions our clinical negligence experts are responsible for delivering to our clients, Speed Medical’s clinical advisory board works in tandem with our expansive panel of individually selected professionals at every turn.

Without the collaborative efforts of the two, we wouldn’t be able to continue evolving our clinical, quality and governance strategies above and beyond the reputation-building standards which represent sector benchmarks.

At the heart of the bigger picture by which Speed Medical’s excellence is broadly judged, our in-house clinical advisory board needs to ensure that our culture of leadership and engagement remains pivotal to everything we do.

Made up of industry leading, experienced professionals, the overarching mantra of the clinical advisory board is to uphold everything set out in our clinical governance framework. Thanks to the diverse spectrum of clinical expertise enveloped within the team, perspectives are wide-angled and far-reaching to better facilitate best clinical practice performance across all key areas.


How the Clinical Advisory Board supports our expert panel

Whilst responsible for maintaining protocols which already exist, part of the clinical advisory board’s remit extends to putting into action clear processes that are aligned to the delivery of exceptional levels of quality and compliance. Regular audits ensure that governance remains optimum and clinical regulations are consciously met.

Lending professional and experience-led support and guidance to expert panel members, the clinical advisory board can draw on critical real-world experiences and an entrenched understanding of clinical situations, so as to play active roles in decision-making.

As a constantly-evolving team, the clinical advisory board welcomes positive change, and provides the professional platform to identify where and when process and methodology improvements could be advantageous, while being proud of its ability to innovate.


By embracing technology and training, our Clinical Advisory Board enables clinical negligence experts to be sector-leading

Speed Medical’s clinical advisory board also recognises the need to stay ahead of the curve, from providing guidance and training to panel members to embracing emerging technologies in the market, and be able to deliver medical reports and rehabilitation programmes which reflect our experts’ collective knowledge. Ensuring that they’re pioneers of clinical best practice.

Which is why regular training is provided, along with access to bespoke Speed Medical portals which cover all the expert panel clinical specialisms we offer to our clients. Helpful technology-laden tools afford functionality and a seamless service across the board, encouraging our experts to manage instructions, self-negotiate appointment diaries and schedules, as well as upload the all-important medical reports.

For more information about how our clinical advisory board plays an instrumental role in all that we do here at Speed Medical, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.


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