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How our Clinical Advisory Board can support you (as an expert)
How our Clinical Advisory Board can support you (as an expert)

7 Jan 2020

How our Clinical Advisory Board can support you (as an expert)

One of the most important elements that you will benefit from as a member of our Expert Panel is the clinical leadership and support that the Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) provides.

Here we explore our Clinical Advisory Board in more depth and what this means for you as a medical expert working with this dedicated support function.


What is the Clinical Advisory Board?

Our industry-first Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) comprises hand-picked medical professionals, all selected based on their level of extensive experience, capabilities and judgement with clinical governance and leadership. Each member of the CAB has their own specific area of specialism and expertise, including Physiotherapy, Orthopaedics, General Practice, Trauma, Clinical Psychology and Clinical Delivery.

This allows us to cover a broad spectrum of medical knowledge that allows us to better support the experts we work with.


How does the CAB benefit you?

The CAB provides a wealth of experience and leadership which provide several benefits to our Expert Panel members. These include:


Leading Clinical Governance

Quality is crucial to everything we do. Our Clinical Advisory Board helps to provide the groundwork for our Clinical Governance Framework, making sure there are clear processes in place which ensure exceptional levels of quality and compliance.

This allows us to outline clear and attainable standards that all of our Expert Panel members can achieve and these are maintained by audits and dedicated support in adhering to clinical regulations.

If you’re a medical professional looking for new and exciting opportunities, joining our Expert Panel offers a wealth of benefits.


Support on clinical matters

Drawing on a wealth of hands-on experience, the CAB provides vital support and guidance to our panel members. With this expertise, the CAB enables us to lead the way in the industry - embracing the most up-to-date technologies to help facilitate more efficient and effective treatment.

Our Clinical Advisory Board members have a deep understanding of the unique and varied needs of our Expert Panel members and utilise their experience by taking an active role in the decision-making process. We understand that our experts are instrumental to the services we provide, which is why our CAB helps us to make improvements that will truly benefit all of our Expert Panel members.

Proactively seeking opportunities to innovate and identify improvements to our processes and methodology, we’re always open to developing positive change and this enables us to transform our services and the support we offer to our experts for the better.

We also work to expand general industry knowledge by supporting our experts with regular training and guidance. This training counts towards our experts’ CPD points and helps to ensure the continued development of all of our panel members, keeping them at the forefront of clinical best practice.


How else can Speed Medical support you as an expert?

Along with the support of the CAB, we’re able to offer our Expert Panel members a whole host of other benefits.

Our dedicated Expert Liaison team is always on hand for assistance with any queries, managing your workload and providing quick responses and support.

We also provide access to our bespoke Portals; a dedicated Physiotherapy portal and a general Medical Expert portal for all other disciplines and specialisms. These helpful tools have been developed with experts at the very heart of the functionality and we’ve worked with our panel to fine-tune them to bring up-to-date, innovative technology that allows you to manage your instructions, plan appointments and upload invoices and reports in a convenient, timely manner.

By working with a range of medical professionals, we’ve developed a deeper understanding of their specific needs. This allows us to provide instructions and work tailored to specific requirements and specialisms across both reporting and rehabilitative treatment.

We also provide the opportunity to have a flexible workload and working hours - enabling our Expert Panel members to work around their existing commitments - providing the ultimate flexible option for medical professionals keen to extend their work and experience.

We’re actively recruiting quality medical professionals who are ready to bring their skills to a wider audience. Here you’ll find a supportive team ready to help you make the move to Speed Medical’s expert panel. To find out more about taking the next step in your medical career, visit our join our panel page.

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