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Post-freedom day medical reporting and rehabilitation support in event of claimant’s personal injury journey
Post-freedom day medical reporting and rehabilitation support in event of claimant’s personal injury journey

4 Aug 2021

Post-freedom day medical reporting and rehabilitation support in event of claimant’s personal injury journey

July the 19th has been and gone, and as set out in his road map out of lockdown, prime minister, Boris Johnson oversaw his own mandate to significantly relax the remaining Coronavirus rules on the much-anticipated ‘Freedom Day’.

For the first time in 18 months, the British population are now able to go about their business (leisure and pleasure) without being legally obliged to wear face coverings in enclosed spaces - although actively encouraged to be personally responsible for upholding this ‘new normal’. Particularly in supermarkets and on public transport.

Homeworking will now only be optional as opposed to compulsory where possible to enforce during the height of the pandemic, while elsewhere, places where it’s physically impossible to maintain social distancing measures, can reopen their doors to customers. Such as nightclubs and traditional sports venues, and ‘vaccine passports’ being introduced in September. 


Increased risk of personal injuries will see claimant representatives reaching out to medical reporting agencies

Of course, the more we begin to interact with both each other and once-familiar work or public access settings, then the potential for accidents increases accordingly. From employees returning to places of employment to roads becoming busier to hospitality venues welcoming back customers, as we seek to pursue more familiar working and social patterns with it comes the heightened risk of personal injury.

Covid-19 fears aside, the more we mix with others in workplaces and public spaces, the greater the likelihood of personal injuries befalling us. Which in turn will lead to the sourcing of medical reports as claimant representatives look to determine events and clarify clinical aspects directly relating to accidents which cause both physical and psychological injuries.


Demand for medical reports and rehabilitation could increase as remaining lockdown measures pave way for more personal injury claims

At Speed Medical we have over 21 years’ experience in providing a host of medical reporting and rehabilitation solutions, facilitated by way of access to over 5,000 clinical experts.

During the past two decades we have been responsible for producing extensive medical reports, and have routinely serviced patient records to help our far-reaching panel of expert witnesses ascertain the clinical nature and degree of personal injuries sustained by claimants.

In addition to this, claimants have successfully arranged and attended hundreds of thousands of rehabilitation sessions annually, at venues throughout the UK.


Our experts can put claimants on road to rehabilitation recovery

Professional confirmation of causation, injury, prognosis and any treatments required as a consequence of being involved in an accident where a claimant suffers a personal injury, can be identified and arranged by us.

With the acquiring of medical evidence pivotal to the pursuing of most claims, we have a wealth of services readily available to individuals who approach us via claimant representatives. 

From employers’ and public liability to medical negligence, the country is now opening up once more and with it the need for vital medical reporting will potentially increase. Which is why you should approach our dedicated team to enable your clients to quickly access clinical solutions which will keep their legal cases moving in the right direction.

Speak to us right now, to discover how Speed Medical can help you and your client.


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