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How does our Complex Case service differ from other agencies?
How does our Complex Case service differ from other agencies?

18 Sep 2019

How does our Complex Case service differ from other agencies?

Our Complex Case team has a wealth of experience in large loss claims where serious injury has occurred and the case is following a multi-track pathway. We understand that these cases are particularly sensitive and involve life-changing injuries for your client. That’s why we have created a medical reporting and rehabilitation service that makes the claims process as simple as possible while ensuring we deliver the highest level of client care.


Dedicated Case Handlers for Multi-Trauma Cases

We understand that all cases are different, which is why we assign a dedicated, experienced Case Handler to every case. When you instruct Speed Medical for a Complex Case Medical Report, you’ll have one point of contact and receive a unique, tailored approach throughout your entire case lifecycle.


Finding the right expert for your Complex Cases

Our team understands that serious injury cases take more time and attention to resolve, requiring highly qualified, highly experienced and highly specialist experts to work on the medical report. Once instructed, Speed Medical does the hard work for you, searching through our eminent panel of hand-picked experts to source the healthcare professional ideal for your case.

We determine whether or not an expert is suitable for your case on distance, expertise, experience and knowledge – aiming to narrow the choices down to three expert options, speeding up the process and reducing case lifecycle.


Who are our medical experts?

With over 21 years’ experience and counting, we’ve recruited a diverse panel of over 5,000 nationwide medical experts - all committed to delivering timely, quality and cost-effective medical reports.

Our Expert Panel is supported by our Clinical Advisory Board (CAB), a panel of eminent hand-picked clinical experts who are renowned within their field and have years of hands-on experience in the Medico-Legal world. When faced with a difficult multi-trauma case, our experts have access to the CAB who will use their expertise to guide our experts and ensure exceptional quality is maintained throughout the panel.

If you’d like to learn more about our Complex Case service, please click here. Or, if you’d like further information about our Clinical Advisory Board and Expert Panel, click here.

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