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Why do you need a GP Screening Report for your Clinical Negligence case?
Why do you need a GP Screening Report for your Clinical Negligence case?

27 Aug 2019

Why do you need a GP Screening Report for your Clinical Negligence case?

As Clinical Negligence claims can often be a time-consuming, expensive process, knowing exactly where your case stands at the outset allows you to assess the potential success of the case and ensure you have all the necessary evidence. With a GP Screening Report from Speed Medical, you’ll gain valuable insight as to whether your client has a valid claim, what questions to pose to your experts and which areas of a client’s treatment weren’t up to the required standards.


What is included in the GP Screening Report?

Speed Medical has a team of experienced GPs led by Dr Laurence Knott, a renowned physician who previously worked as a Senior Assessor for the General Medical Council and as a Clinical Complaints Adviser for the Medical Defence Union.

Upon instruction, one of our dedicated GPs will assess your client’s claim, ranking prospects of success in regards to breach of duty and causation as ‘good’, ‘moderate’ or ‘low’. Defendants are identified and recommendations are made on the expert types that will be required to provide opinions on breach of duty, causation and condition, and prognosis. The report will also highlight other potential claims, defendants and breaches of duty as well as identify if there is any important information missing.


How much will a GP Screening Report cost?

Our GP Screening Reports are available for a fixed fee rate of £200+ VAT for a review of 250 pages.


How will a GP Screening Report benefit my case?

If the GP decides your Clinical Negligence case has ‘good’ prospects for success, they will also provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence, as well as any conflict of evidence, any links between breach of duty and causation, and if there is a link between causation and quantum.

As we understand our clients are working to strict deadlines, we will provide an expert to review your report within 24 hours of instruction and deliver a quality checked screening report within 14 days from instruction.


What if I’m looking for a particular consultant type to screen my case?

For a more detailed screening report, we’ve recently launched our fixed fee Consultant Screening Report service. According to your case’s requirements, we will match the challenged medical professional with one of our own experts of the same discipline who will then examine your report. To learn more about this, go to our services page or read our recent blog.

To instruct Speed Medical for your Clinical Negligence case, contact our team on 0844 4129 333.

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