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What exactly is a Medico-Legal report?
What exactly is a Medico-Legal report?

4 Sep 2019

What exactly is a Medico-Legal report?

When instructed by a client who has suffered from personal injury, disease or medical negligence, a Medico-Legal report is required to assess the client’s claim. But what exactly is a medico-legal report, what’s included in one and why do you need a Medico-Legal report for your case? We’re taking a closer look at medical reporting and why these reports are important for the claims process.


What does a Medico-Legal report consist of?

Medico-Legal reports are written by medical professionals who have been chosen as an expert witness in a legal case. After instruction by one of our customers, Speed Medical selects the most suitable medical expert witness from our eminent, hand-picked Expert Panel based on the required discipline, experience and location.


Why might my case require a Medico-Legal report?

In cases of personal injury, clinical negligence and industrial disease, a Medico-Legal report is required to prove your client’s case. In regards to injuries, evidence must be provided from a suitable, qualified and experienced expert witness.

The opinion provided by the expert must support your client’s claim by showing evidence of the sustained injury, show that it was caused by the incident complained of and confirm the extent and duration of the symptoms caused. In cases where the injured party has not yet fully recovered, the expert may also recommend further medical investigations or treatment.


Instructing Speed Medical for a Medico-Legal report

With over 21 years’ experience and a multidisciplinary panel of over 5,000 nationwide medical experts, our award-winning team is committed to delivering excellence across all medical reporting and rehabilitation services. Our experts are highly experienced and qualified in their respective field, tailoring our service to your case’s unique requirements and delivering a timely, cost-effective and quality medical report.

As it’s our mission to lead the way by driving clinical quality, improving efficiencies and embracing the latest technologies, we deliver a market-leading approach to clinical governance which positions us at the forefront of the industry. It’s why we have heavily invested in the creation of our in-house Clinical Advisory Board (CAB). The CAB consists of a panel of eminent hand-selected clinical experts who are highly experienced in their respective field as well as the medico-legal world. Our Clinical Advisory Board supports and benchmarks our nationwide Expert Panel, ensuring our panel consistently delivers the outstanding level of service our clients and customers expect.

Whether you’re dealing with a complex case, clinical negligence or road traffic accident, we have an experienced, multi-skilled team that will work on your client’s medical report from instruction to completion - ensuring it’s delivered on time and within budget. For more information on any of our services, please click here


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