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Why invest in a Fixed Fee Consultant Screening Report for your Clinical Negligence case?
Why invest in a Fixed Fee Consultant Screening Report for your Clinical Negligence case?

7 Feb 2020

Why invest in a Fixed Fee Consultant Screening Report for your Clinical Negligence case?

With over 21 years’ experience in handling Clinical Negligence Medical Reports, we’re proud to offer a truly bespoke service. As industry leaders within the clinical negligence medical reporting field, we deliver a service our customers and clients can really trust while always searching for new, innovative ways to streamline the claims process.

We understand that Clinical Negligence claims can often be time-consuming and expensive, which is why it’s important to know where your case stands before investing too much time and money. Last year, we introduced our Fixed Fee Consultant Screening Reports, alongside our already established GP Screening Reports, to give you detailed insight into your cases and ensure you have all the evidence needed before progressing your case.


What is a Fixed Fee Consultant Screening Report*?

At Speed Medical, we’re backed by a team of highly experienced medical professionals, stretching across all major fields of expertise. Upon instruction, we’ll match your case’s challenged medical professional with one of our suitably qualified medical expert witnesses of the same discipline. Following this, our medical expert witness will screen the report and provide an informed, justified opinion on whether or not clinical negligence has taken place.


How will the Fixed Fee Consultant Screening Report benefit my case?

We truly believe in putting the needs of our customers first and we understand this means delivering efficient solutions that save time and money. Our Fixed Fee Consultant Screening Report and GP Screening Report services do exactly that. Enabling our customers to understand where their case stands from the outset is just one of the ways we’re helping our customers navigate their way through valid and non-valid Clinical Negligence claims.


Clinical Governance and Quality

When it comes to Clinical Negligence cases, exceptional attention to detail is particularly important. That’s why we have a mission to lead the way by driving clinical quality, improving efficiencies and embracing the latest technologies.

We know that a quality medical report is paramount to the success of your Clinical Negligence case, which is why delivering exceptional clinical quality every time is at the heart of our Clinical Governance Framework.

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*Fixed Fee Screening Reports are subject to volume of records

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