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Who are the best experts for Medical Negligence cases?
Who are the best experts for Medical Negligence cases?

21 Feb 2020

Who are the best experts for Medical Negligence cases?

With over 21 years of experience in the industry, we’re well-versed in the full breadth of medical reporting and rehabilitation services. In this time, not only have we developed a covetable panel of medical experts spanning all disciplines and regions of the UK, but we have also earned a justifiable reputation for delivering service excellence.

But what makes our panel so much more effective than those of our competitors? And what does it take to be considered a Clinical Negligence expert on our renowned panel? We’re taking a closer look at our stringent recruitment process and what this means for you, our customer.

Here are just five of the qualities we look for in our medical practitioners:

1. By definition, an ‘expert’ is a person who is very knowledgeable or skillful in a particular area. Therefore, to be on our panel, the medical practitioner must be an authority in their respective field and have experience in court. They must truly be an expert. To ensure that they are, we take a look at their background, CV, reputation and experience - all are indicators that help us to validate their level of expertise.

2. When it comes to Clinical Negligence cases, meticulous attention to detail is vital. By nature, these claims are very complex, which is why we ensure our experts pay careful attention to their instructions by investigating all relevant medical records alongside assessing your client.

3. It can be very difficult to determine whether or not medical negligence has occurred, requiring experts to be decisive. It is their duty to work out what a doctor should do in the situation being investigated, and not what they might do. If the medical professional in question does anything other than what they should do, there are grounds for a Clinical Negligence claim.

4. Whilst it’s important for an expert to provide an independent, balanced opinion, it is also important that they are effective in communicating their findings verbally and in writing. We ensure that our experts can explain their opinion through referencing facts and medical literature in addressing how and why an injury has occurred.

5. Creating ‘Real Relationships’ is just one of our values here at Speed Medical and is something that is echoed across our departments. When choosing a new member for our panel, we seek responsive experts who will maintain a clear line of communication and a real relationship with both ourselves and the instructing solicitor.


Our Unique Approach to Clinical Negligence Cases

At Speed Medical we are proud to offer a truly bespoke service dedicated to delivering quality medical reports for your unique Clinical Negligence case. Instructing an agency you can trust allows your team to focus on their core legal activities and we’re proud to be that agency for our vast customer base.

As part of our real dedication to quality and excellence, we have heavily invested in our industry-first Clinical Advisory Board. This panel of renowned medical professionals governs our Expert Panel, ensuring all members are producing timely, quality medical reports. The CAB also proactively performs auditing to ensure our experts continue to meet ours and our customers’ high standards.

Since we are dedicated to providing all the services you need in one place, we also offer fixed-fee GP and Consultant Screening Reports, Breach of Duty Reports, Medical Records Collection and Pagination, and more. Click here to view our full suite of solutions

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