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Unique Serious Injury offerings from Speed Medical
Unique Serious Injury offerings from Speed Medical

4 Apr 2024

Unique Serious Injury offerings from Speed Medical

When someone in the UK is involved in an accident or sustains a serious injury through no fault of their own, they are entitled to compensation to aid their recovery, mitigate loss of earnings, cover upfront expenses related to the injury, and compensate for any pain, suffering, or impact on their quality of life.


In the UK, serious injuries resulting from various accidents require immediate attention and legal support, and complete understanding of the legal intricacies surrounding serious injury cases is crucial for ensuring proper support.

In this article, we delve into the nuances of serious injury cases in the UK, offering insights into legal procedures, compensation avenues, and the importance of seeking professional assistance to navigate these challenging situations effectively.


What constitutes a serious injury case?

A serious injury case in the UK is characterised by catastrophic injuries that profoundly and often permanently affect an individual's life. Examples include:

  • Brain injury/brain damage
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Amputations
  • Paralysis
  • Loss of sight
  • Multiple serious fractures or broken bones
  • Burns
  • Internal organ damage



Serious injury cases taken seriously

At Speed Medical, we are all too aware of the devastating impact that serious injury cases can have on clients, and their loved ones, which is exactly why we have developed a service that makes things as simple as possible but also treats your client with the care and sensitivity they deserve.

Our serious injury and multi-track medical reporting service is tailored to suit the exact needs of you and your client and is made up of our most experienced staff members so you can rest assured that every case you instruct will receive the level of specialist knowledge required.

With this service, all medical experts instructed for serious injury cases must have prior experience and knowledge of the injuries and conditions experienced. Prior to joining our  panel, experts must also demonstrate competence and capability in their specialist areas, so we can ensure  that they are the exact right expert for the clients injuries.

We offer:

  • A dedicated team working with our serious injury and multi-track cases utilising our most experienced case handlers who have undergone specific training to fully understand and facilitate the requirements of these cases.
  • Assigned team members to their own customer accounts so that they can get to know key contacts and tailor to your specific way of working.
  • Personal case handlers who provide an extra level of support for each case and will have sole responsibility for every step.
  • Direct dial and email address contact information ensure instant access for you and your client.
  • Experienced medical experts who understand serious injury and catastrophic cases, and who cover a wide range of specialisms and disciplines nationally.
  • The option for our Expert Liaison team to recruit a preferred expert should you have one, subject to our stringent onboarding criteria.
  • Tailored operational processes with tailored commercial facilities.


How can Speed Medical help?

From diagnostic investigations and medical assessments to surgical procedures, Speed Medical can help support you and your clients with all aspects of a case. This is done through our dedicated teams and nationwide panel of medical experts, from which we provide medical evidence and associated services for all case types including serious injury.

To make this process as easy and efficient as possible, our specialist team will handle all elements of your case from instruction to conclusion, allowing you time to work on other areas in the full knowledge that everything is in hand.

In fact, many of our teams work on a case handler basis so you will only ever deal with one person at a given time. Not only does this help to streamline the entire case process and build a unique relationship on a one-to-one basis with the handler, but also ensures that we’re able to commit to fast turnaround times as we only ever work on one case at a time.

But that’s not all.

In addition to collation of medical evidence, we are also able to organise a vast range of rehabilitative treatments, diagnostic investigations, and surgical procedures to help in the recovery of your clients.

This unbroken service means there is no need to look elsewhere, and our case handlers are available to book personal online meetings in order to discuss and confirm all your case needs. 


Why Speed Medical are the preferred choice for serious injury case handling

Utilising our in-house medical and legal expertise, Speed Medical has been delivering a unique reporting service for all serious and multitrack cases and services for over 25 years, and we specialise in  providing comprehensive support for serious injury cases in the UK.

Not only do we ensure that all medical experts have prior experience and knowledge of the injuries and conditions involved in serious injury cases, but our clients can also benefit from a dedicated team of case handlers who provide personalised support throughout the entire process, a streamlined processes built via one-to-one relationships between clients and case handlers, leading to faster turnaround times.

We also offer a wide range of medical services to support our clients' recovery too, with comprehensive services such as diagnostic investigations and rehabilitative treatments. And what’s more, our transparent pricing structure allows us to provide deferred payment terms as part of an industry leading approach. This includes our case handlers providing the CV's of up to 3 medical experts along with their estimated fees and turnaround times, within 5 working days of being instructed.

All of this combined makes Speed Medical the ideal choice for solicitors looking to instruct an established, leading provider of medical assessments, medical treatment, and medical reports.

For more information, please visit, contact our team via email at or call us directly on 0330 094 8749.

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