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Understanding Fixed Fee Screening and Pagination
Understanding Fixed Fee Screening and Pagination

14 Jun 2024

Understanding Fixed Fee Screening and Pagination

Among the array of services offered by Speed Medical, our fixed fee screening and pagination serves as a vital component, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness in all of our services.


But when it comes to the specifics such as what exactly ‘Fixed Fee Screening’ is, and why ‘Pagination’ is so important in any Clinical Negligence reporting, it all starts with the basics.  

Let’s break it down, beginning with:


What is Fixed Fee Screening?

Clinical Negligence claims can often be a time-consuming and expensive process, which is why we offer fixed fee solutions for screening reports, providing you with clear potential outcomes.

Fixed Fee Screening is exactly what it sounds like. We charge one, singular fee, for our screening service no matter the expert type. *** dependent on volume of records.

By eliminating uncertainties associated with variable pricing, Fixed Fee Screening can empower clients to budget effectively and plan their expenses, accordingly, ensuring that clients receive the answers they need without unexpected financial burdens.


What is Pagination?

As a go-to trusted provider, we have been entrusted to obtain hundreds of thousands of medical records and work with clinical practices and establishments throughout the UK to deliver them quickly.

Pagination is a systematic arrangement which enhances the readability and comprehension of medical reports, enabling stakeholders to extract relevant information efficiently. For example, whereby each section of the report is assigned a distinct page number, facilitating quick reference and accessibility.

Though it may sound simple, pagination plays a pivotal role in organising and structuring medical reports into documents which are simple to understand. It requires a meticulous approach to ensure that clients receive well-organised and comprehensible reports which streamline the decision-making process and fostering clarity in clinical negligence reporting.

Our proactive strategy ensures you’ll be in receipt of the records securely and efficiently, allowing you to progress the case further.

When might a client need Fixed Fee Screening and Pagination?

By having a fixed fee for our screening service, you and your client can rely on knowing the cost of a clinical opinion is already pre-determined.

Pagination, on the other hand, becomes invaluable where complex medical information must be presented in a structured format for adjudication.

In other words, Fixed Fee Screening and Pagination allows clients to navigate the intricacies of clinical negligence reporting with confidence and ease, regardless of the context or complexity of the case.


Why is Fixed Fee Screening and Pagination so important?

Fixed Fee Screening and Pagination are indispensable when it comes to the clinical negligence landscape, as they work to ensure fairness, transparency and efficiency in the delivery of healthcare services.

By adopting Fixed Fee Screening, providers can demonstrate their commitment to providing clients with transparent pricing and cost-effective solutions, and incorporating pagination enhances the usability and readability of medical reports, enabling stakeholders to access and interpret critical information with ease.

Together, Fixed Fee Screening and Pagination contribute to streamlined processes, informed decision-making, and enhanced client satisfaction in clinical negligence cases.


Why choose Clinical Negligence services from Speed Medical?

At Speed Medical, we utilise our in-house medical and legal expertise to assign a dedicated case handler to each client, from which we deliver a unique clinical negligence reporting service for all clinical negligence cases and services.

The entire process has been developed by and is overseen by our in-house clinical negligence lawyer, with our clinical negligence reporting service delivered through a nationwide panel of more than 2,200 experts, then further supported by our Clinical Advisory Board.

What’s more, as part of our industry leading approach here at Speed Medical, we also undertake expert conflict checks at the outset of the case, and also offer unlimited communication with the medical expert to enable full control of your case and provide deferred payment terms.

But we don’t stop there.

We pride ourselves on offering a complete suite of clinical negligence reports and services, including:

  • Fixed Fee GP Screening Reports: which are written by experienced general practitioners who are qualified to provide invaluable and impartial opinions
  • Fixed Fee Consultant Screening Reports: all provided by an expert steeped with specific clinical experience

As well as our fixed fee reports, we also cover the following Clinical Negligence services:

  • Breach of Duty Reports: which are designed to determine if the clinical treatment fell below the requisite standard, therefore indicating clinical negligence
  • Causation Reports: to determine whether it can be established that the failure in clinical care either directly caused or materially contributed to the harm caused to the patient - an attribution of harm which, as a result, is undertaken by expert witnesses in the relevant speciality
  • Condition and Prognosis Reports: which describe the client’s current condition regarding personal injury, and reports on the likely prognosis going forward
  • Medical Records Collection: which remove the time-consuming task and enable you to focus on other areas of the case
  • And of course, Pagination: where we can collect and paginate medical records

And throughout all of our reporting services, a dedicated case handler will be solely responsible for each customer, ensuring that you only communicate with one person from inception to conclusion on each case. It will be this case handler who will be responsible for sending regular updates regarding the status and progress of your case and will also work in line with our transparent billing mechanism and deferred payment solutions to provide an unrivalled reporting service.


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