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Speed Medical attends RCNi Nursing and Careers Jobs Fair
Speed Medical attends RCNi Nursing and Careers Jobs Fair

22 Oct 2019

Speed Medical attends RCNi Nursing and Careers Jobs Fair

As part of our ongoing commitment to grow our Expert Panel, we are active at several key events in the industry, taking time to network with current and prospective Expert Panel members, enabling us to learn more about the sectors our experts work within and maintain our industry knowledge. Our most recent venture saw us exhibiting at the RCNi Nursing and Careers Jobs Fair in London - the UK’s largest nursing careers event, featuring inspirational speakers and CPD-accredited workshops.

The RCNi provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training to support Registered Nurses in their careers, helping them to deliver outstanding patient care and find a career path that’s ideal for them. As a company we encompass the same principles, striving to inspire, develop and work with each of our panel members, enabling them to deliver the highest levels of specialist care.

Claire Munro (RGN), our Head of Clinical Delivery, and Lauren Bamber, Business Development Manager, had great discussions with prospective panel members at the event, providing information about our established support network and guidance on joining our diverse Expert Panel (and providing plenty of biscuits!).

As members of our Expert Liaison team, Claire and Lauren took time to gain valuable knowledge about the Nurses’ careers and aspirations, exploring how these could be enhanced by partnering with Speed Medical. Following their networking efforts, our team received insightful feedback and an influx of interest, leading us to recruit a number of talented Nurses to our panel of eminent experts.

“There was a great turnout at this event and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone. It proved to be a fantastic opportunity for us to engage with Nurses that we ordinarily may not have reached and find new talented Experts who can join our already exceptional Expert Panel,” said Claire Munro.

Following the RCNi event, we held our own vocational assessment training for Nurses who had registered their interest. This allowed us to continue to work with some of the dedicated and experienced Nurses that we met and help them to continue to grow and develop within their role with further CPD training. In many cases, we provided additional training to Nurses in a matter of weeks, from which we received highly positive feedback, with our training described by one as both ‘enjoyable and inspiring’. Great praise indeed.

Look out for a more in-depth story about our vocational assessment training in the coming weeks where you’ll read all about how we invest in and develop our Registered Nurse panel through meaningful and relevant training sessions.


Are you ready to join an inspiring Expert Panel that continuously invests in you?

When you partner with Speed Medical you become an extension of our valued team, providing services for renowned brands across the healthcare sector. As a panel member, you'll benefit from regular training and mentoring, flexible working hours, ongoing support, outstanding Clinical Governance, and the opportunity to connect with patients first-hand across a range of services, including PMI (Private Medical Insurance) and Employment Law.

If you’d like to learn more about what a role on our Expert Panel involves on a day-to-day basis, read our interview with Amanda Roger, Nurse and panel member here. And if we’ve won you over already and you’re ready to join us, please get in touch today.

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