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Skin Camouflage: a life-changing treatment
Skin Camouflage: a life-changing treatment

20 Nov 2018

Skin Camouflage: a life-changing treatment

Following our recent blog post, ‘the role of reconstructive surgery in the recovery process’, we decided to delve deeper into cosmetic treatments available for people who have been left with significant scarring following an accident. 

Imagine going through a horrific and traumatic experience, recovering from your injuries but then being left with a constant reminder every day when you look in the mirror. Understandably, this can often have a disastrous effect on someone’s life leading to a lack of self-esteem and an unwillingness to go about their normal life again – especially in a world of celebrities and social media where appearance means so much.  


What is Skin Camouflage? 

Skin Camouflage offers a way of coping to those living with scarring that affects their appearance and confidence. It’s a proven method of using medically formulated cosmetic products that are specially designed to cover scars, burns, tattoos or skin conditions whilst matching the surrounding skin tones.

Unlike standard cosmetic products, camouflage creams are highly pigmented and are designed to be long-lasting and waterproof. Initially developed for soldiers during the wars, these creams are formulated to cover significant skin damage discretely and without looking like makeup. 

The Skin Camouflage Service can be used to cover a wide number of conditions, some of which could be the result of an injury. These include:

Scarring as a result of:

• Burn injury

• Skin condition

• Skin graft

• Surgical procedure

• Self-harm

• Car accident

• Other accident

• Disease

• Assault/violence/abuse

• Vitiligo

• Rosacea

• Hyperpigmentation (melasma/chloasma)

• Birthmarks

• Stretch marks

• Skin discoloration

• The area around a prosthetic

• Other dermatological conditions


Benefits of Skin Camouflage 

The main goal of this process is to enable the user to regain confidence and self-esteem. Skin Camouflage offers a simple solution and creates a huge impact to the way people feel about their appearance allowing them to avoid unwanted attention and feel more confident in themselves.  

Even people who are happy to embrace their scars and differences will sometimes feel that they don’t want to stand out from the crowd and would rather blend in, even for just a day. Skin Camouflage is available as a long-term solution that can be used every day or can just be used for a one-off occasion such as a wedding or a night out. This allows the user to regain their confidence whenever they feel they need it. 


How can my client get Skin Camouflage?

Although skin camouflage is available on the NHS, sometimes a GP will not feel the need to prescribe it. With vast experience in the Personal Injury world, our panel of experts – whether that be a GP or a Clinical Psychologist – is trained to recognise where treatments like this would be beneficial to the client, their mental state and ability to return to a normal life and refer them to a Skin Camouflage Specialist.    

There are also various organisations on hand to provide more information and offer consultations, such as charity Changing Faces, which mainly helps people with scarring, or the British Association of Skin Camouflage, the leading provider for training professionals. 

Do you have a client you feel could benefit from this service and aren’t sure where to start, contact us today! 


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