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Modern Insurance Magazine explores "Speed Medical's meteoric rise to the top"
Modern Insurance Magazine explores "Speed Medical's meteoric rise to the top"

31 Jul 2019

Modern Insurance Magazine explores "Speed Medical's meteoric rise to the top"

If you’ve read this month’s Modern Insurance magazine you’ll have noticed that it came with a 32 page magazine supplement dedicated to handl Group and all of the brands in its portfolio, including Speed Medical.

The supplement features a double page interview with our very own Susan Henry, Operations Director, and you can read about everything from her journey within Speed Medical and taking the brand on a meteoric rise to the top of its industry through to her explaining her team-oriented ethos and opinions on the forthcoming reforms to the Civil Liability Bill.

Drawing on over 18 years’ experience in the Medico-Legal industry, Susan has a wealth of valuable knowledge and is well-versed in the areas of service delivery and operational transformation. As this year Speed Medical celebrates 21 successful years, Susan has been instrumental to that success, being responsible for everything operational and beyond, driving real improvements to processes, efficiencies and customer satisfaction across the service offering.

Susan’s catchphrase has become ‘is it good enough?’ to not only drive innovation but also to challenge herself and her management team into thinking about the bigger picture of the company’s long-term plan.

With a belief that collaboration is key, Susan’s motto is ‘you are only ever as good as your team’ and she constantly encourages those team members to challenge the status quo.
Susan explains “By always striving to do our job that little bit better, with a keen focus on the personal touch, our customers realise how important they are and that we care and are listening.”

“By working cohesively together, sharing best practices and striving for excellence, we can design, build and implement robust operational processes across the handl Group. People do business with people and having strong relationships both internally and externally is key to our success. Everyone must listen to customers, understand their needs and strive for the same goals,” she expands.

One can’t talk about innovation without mentioning technology, and under Susan’s direction Speed Medical has designed and developed a whole suite of interactive portals to tailor products and services to customers’ needs, including the client portal, MyMedical.

MyMedical is our state-of-the-art client-facing application where appointments can be booked and changed, rehabilitation self-assessments can be completed and information uploaded. Other portals provide our customers and supply chain with real-time information and interactive secure document management facilities,” Susan explains to Modern Insurance magazine.

To read more about Susan Henry, the opportunities that the proposed reforms present and the future plans of Speed Medical, make sure you check out this month’s Modern Insurance Magazine handl Group supplement – available both digitally by clicking here or in print.

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