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MedCo: Who can I instruct for a second report and rehabilitation?

27 Sep 2018

MedCo: Who can I instruct for a second report and rehabilitation?

Since its introduction in 2015, MedCo has played a huge role in the world of soft tissue RTA claims. 

"'Soft tissue injury claim’ means a claim brought by an occupant of a motor vehicle where the significant physical injury caused is a soft tissue injury and includes claims where there is a minor psychological injury secondary in significance to the physical injury."- MedCo 

With regular audits and strict reporting criteria, MedCo ensures that only qualified and compliant agencies and MedCo accredited medical experts provide reports for these cases. With a choice of either two randomly generated Tier 1 agencies or ten Tier 2 agencies, there’s no guarantee that your preferred choice will appear. 

However, did you know that different rules apply to anything following the initial report?


What if I need a second MedCo medical report? 

There are a number of reasons why your client may need an additional medical report following on from their initial report: 

  • They may require a further examination with a different expert type if the initial expert is not able to offer a prognosis due to the identification of specific symptoms outside of their area of expertise e.g. if they suspect the client has PTSD they may recommend a psychological report. 
  • They may require a re-examination with same expert or more specialised expert type if their symptoms exceeded the original prognosis.

Instructions for second medical reports can be sent directly to any medical reporting agency, not necessarily the agency that facilitated the initial report, as this falls outside the MedCo portal.  

The great news is that this means if Speed Medical didn’t appear in your initial MedCo selection search, don’t worry, you can still benefit from our exceptional service offering for a second report irrespective of the initial report provider. 

My client needs physiotherapy… who can I instruct? 

In many cases where a client is suffering from significant whiplash injuries, the medical expert may recommend some form of treatment to help return them to their pre-accident state. If your client has been recommended physiotherapy or any other type of rehabilitation as a result of their initial report, you are able to instruct your preferred supplier.

Here at Speed Medical, we understand the importance of helping to minimise both the physical and psychological impacts of an accident which is why we offer a fully comprehensive rehabilitation service covering all treatments that may benefit your client. 


Are there any other cases that fall outside of MedCo? 

Whilst MedCo is in place to regulate and ensure clinical quality is delivered in soft tissue RTA claims, there are some cases that fall outside of the criteria and do not need to be instructed through MedCo. For these cases, you can instruct your own preferred medical agency, Speed Medical, to facilitate the medical report and any subsequent rehabilitation treatment: 

• If your client was a pedestrian and not an occupant of a motor vehicle when injured as a result of an RTA

• If your client was on a motorcycle or bicycle when injured 


What can we do for you? 

As a MedCo tier 1 agency since day one, you can instruct us for your initial medical report when we appear on MedCo and guarantee that you’ll receive a first class service throughout.

As a leading provider of medical reporting and rehabilitation, we’re also on hand to provide any secondary reports you may need regardless of the expert type - our panel of almost 5000 experts guarantees that we have the right expert for you. We will also facilitate any rehabilitation and treatment that your client needs as a result of their accident. 


To find out more about our medical reporting and rehabilitation services, contact us or call 0844 4129 333.  


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