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Introducing mymedical – a new development for client engagement
Introducing mymedical – a new development for client engagement

17 Jan 2019

Introducing mymedical – a new development for client engagement

Gone are the days of clients waiting on hold to make an appointment. Today we’re putting control into the hands of your clients and launching mymedical, our new online booking service. 


Identifying the need

User habits are changing. For example, 80% of people now book their holidays online. This is why we created an online booking platform for optimal convenience. mymedical allows your client to amend, book and confirm their appointments anywhere.

“We understand your clients’ lifestyles won’t always allow them to call us regarding their medical appointment. That’s why we launched mymedical  - to provide clients with 24/7 instant access to their appointment details and enable them to make amends easily, all at the touch of a button.” - Rebecca Pilkington, Head of Operations


Client satisfaction at the heart of the project

Our dedication to continuous improvement resulted in our experienced team searching for a way to improve both efficiency and client satisfaction. The mymedical project took place over a five month period and we carefully handpicked the experts to implement the idea. Operations, Projects, IT and Marketing all took part in the portal’s creation. The result? An innovative portal and seamless customer experience which created a 75% user uptake during tests. 

“Usability was our number one focus during this project. We carried out extensive user testing, both internally and through a controlled number of customers. We’ll be making further advancements, such as the addition of a live chat customer service that will increase client satisfaction even more. It’s been a really exciting project to be a part of.” – Andrew Elden, Project Manager


A quicker process for everyone

Obtaining a signed medical records mandate from your client can be a lengthy process – one we set out to streamline with the launch of mymedical. Since the launch, over 60% of clients who engaged with the platform have e-signed and submitted their medical records mandate digitally, meaning we receive it instantaneously.  Not only does this improve overall efficiencies, this drives down end-to-end times throughout the whole process.

To learn more about mymedical and how it works, please click here.

If you’d like to speak to a member of the Sales Team about our mymedical portal, contact us or call 0844 4129 333.


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