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“I would definitely recommend partnering with Speed Medical” - find out why
“I would definitely recommend partnering with Speed Medical” - find out why

3 Mar 2020

“I would definitely recommend partnering with Speed Medical” - find out why

By investing in our people, we know we’re also creating a service that best serves our clients and customers. That’s why we’re dedicated to not only building the biggest and best Expert Panel, but also building a panel that our experts enjoy working within whilst expanding their knowledge and gaining new skills.

For a first-hand account of why Pru Lythall RGN/OHA is proud to partner with us, read her testimonial below:

"Recently, I had the pleasure of carrying out a Management Referral on behalf of Speed Medical. Everything from the appointment to the venue was arranged for me - even the refreshments for clients had been provided - so all I needed to do was focus on the assessment.

All the necessary paperwork was provided well in advance of the appointment which allowed me to prepare for it beforehand and ensure there were no embarrassing moments searching for information while with the client.

Speed Medical really made me feel confident in delivering the assessment as they provided sufficient training prior to this. After finishing this training, I fully understood how to complete each section of their template to their requirements.

The templates are incredibly easy to follow and provide a great deal of practical information to the client and their employee. Although these reports take some time to fill out, they are incredibly detailed and are worth the time and effort. By the end, I was really happy with the report I’d produced.

Overall, I believe that Speed Medical’s process for carrying out management referrals helped me to provide quality advice and information to both the client and the employee.

Not only that, the support they provided throughout was phenomenal. As Speed Medical has a Clinical Advisory Board with experienced medical professionals who are on-hand to help with any questions I may have, I called a few times for further support and advice. They gave me the reassurance and confidence I needed to complete the report and know that I was on the right track.

I would definitely recommend partnering with Speed Medical.”

To learn more about the benefits of joining Speed Medical’s Expert Panel, click here. Or, to hear what our other experts have to say about working with us, read our interview with Mark Hekster, Expert Psychologist.

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