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Expert Spotlight - 5 Minutes With Our Expert Psychologist
Expert Spotlight - 5 Minutes With Our Expert Psychologist

23 Oct 2019

Expert Spotlight - 5 Minutes With Our Expert Psychologist

This week, we’re continuing our series of periodical interviews with eminent medical experts. Mark Hekster is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who has enjoyed working with Speed Medical for over 20 years. We decided to sit down with him to learn more about his role on our Expert Panel and how it has benefitted him and his career.


How long have you been in the field of Psychology?

I have been in the field of Psychology since 1995, working in most areas of the profession, both in the NHS and in the private sector. I have also worked in Psychology departments, as well as leading a Psychology service in a day hospital for treatment of people with a serious mental illness and/or personality disorders.


What is your expertise within Psychology?

I have become increasingly interested in the phenomenon of trauma and how historical trauma can become lodged in the human mind if not processed properly. I now specialise in the treatment of adults suffering with any form of trauma and I work in both short and long-term formats of treatment.


What is a typical day on the Expert Panel like for you?

In short, very busy and very fulfilling. My clinic is full most days of the week and I enjoy welcoming my clients and patients with a smile and helping them to feel relaxed. During a typical day, I examine clients, liaise with Speed Medical staff and ensure things run as smoothly as possible.


What is your role on the Expert Panel and what do you enjoy most about it?

As a Consultant Clinical Psychologist on the panel, I prepare expert Medico-Legal Reports for Solicitors on behalf of Speed Medical. I apply my skills across a wide section of the population who are experiencing a range of problems frequently linked to trauma. The work broadens my understanding of traumatic phenomena and I am able to apply my diagnostic and assessment skills. I enjoy working alongside the Expert Liaison team, developing my business and practice in conjunction with Speed Medical. I enjoy the reciprocal relationship, as I am able to provide a high-quality service to Speed Medical and in doing so, I am able to build my skill set and be a part of the important work that Speed Medical continues to deliver.


How has working on the Speed Medical Expert Panel benefitted you and your career?

I came across Speed Medical in 1997 and in the same year prepared my first report. As I continued to write more reports for Speed Medical, I found working with the company enhanced my enjoyment of my work and made a real contribution to the development of The Summit Clinic, the business I run with my wife/business partner. Time has flown and I’ve now been preparing medical reports for Speed Medical for over 20 years and have only ever found this to be a fulfilling and gratifying relationship. The staff and management are friendly, courteous and highly efficient.


Would you recommend joining the Expert Panel to others, and why?

Most certainly, yes. Speed Medical stands out in the industry as being fair, loyal and also very effective. I regard myself as fortunate to have developed a consistent working alliance with Speed Medical.


We hope you enjoyed reading about Mark’s experience working with our Expert Liaison team and learned more about our collaborative approach to genuine partnership. Our continuous recruitment schedule to stay at the forefront of the industry inspires us to always search for medical experts to join our panel and welcome enquiries from any medical discipline.

To find out more about joining our Expert Panel, please contact our Expert Liaison team on Or to instruct one of our medical experts to write a medical report for your case, please call 0330 094 8749.

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