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Choose Speed Medical, Choose Steph
Choose Speed Medical, Choose Steph

23 May 2019

Choose Speed Medical, Choose Steph

  1. What’s an average day of work like for you?

I usually start my day by delegating tasks to my team while keeping my manager, Kellie, updated with all the work that is going to be processed that day. I support and coach members of the team when they ask for assistance and provide feedback when audits have been received. I also continue to keep an eye on the volume of work that is coming in for the next day and keep on top of what we need to achieve that day. 


  1. What do you find most rewarding about your role?

I really love engaging with my team every day and being able to help members of my team grow in confidence daily. 


  1. What do you find most challenging about your role?

I find it challenging to make sure that every member of the team has the same amount of support and no one feels neglected… and staying away from the biscuits!


  1. What made you want to get into your current area of work?

I wanted to progress in the company as I was ready for a new challenge and knew that I would be a good Team Leader. 


  1. Where did you work before Speed Medical?

When I was 14 I worked in a bakery. Later, I had a brief stint in a betting shop before I joined Speed Medical. 


  1. What has been the greatest moment of your career so far?

The greatest moment of my career so far was when I was promoted to Team Leader of MedCo and given the opportunity to make an impact. 


  1. Tell us three interesting facts about you.

• I have a cat called Julio. 

• I love to nap. 

• I’m quite the dancer.


  1. What would you call your autobiography?

The Crazy Cat Lady


  1. If you were a chocolate bar, which would you be and why?

I would be a bag of Revels as you never know what you’re gonna get. 

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