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An interview with our Directors Sharon, Sam, and Caroline
An interview with our Directors Sharon, Sam, and Caroline

16 Feb 2024

An interview with our Directors Sharon, Sam, and Caroline

For Sharon, Caroline, and Sam, this is an extra special interview piece, as all 3 have risen to become Speed Directors within the past 2 years. So, what better way to celebrate their anniversaries!


We’re thrilled to welcome Sharon Gordon to our interview panel this month, as we hear all about her journey from Finance Controller to Finance Director within Speed Medical, and her vast experience throughout the industry.

Alongside Sharon, we’re also joined by Caroline Arrowsmith who now holds the position of Commercial Director at Speed having built up her career with us for over 15 years.

And finally, we have Sam Hudson, our Operations Director, who during her extensive time with us has led some incredible initiatives and gained a monumental amount of experience throughout her journey.   


So, let’s kick off, and welcome our Directors to the stage.

Sharon, Caroline, Sam, welcome! Thank you for joining us in this interview. Could you start off by letting us know how long you have each been with Speed Medical for now?

Sharon: I joined Speed Medical in July of 2017 and have been here for 6 ½ years.

Caroline: 17 years as of last January!

Sam: 18 years!

What was it that made each of you want to join the Medico-Legal industry? Is the field something you have always been interested in?

Sharon: I had previously worked at a senior level in a national insurance business and saw Speed Medical as an opportunity to bring that experience to bear in a smaller growing business.

Caroline: I had absolutely no idea about the industry, I can recall coming for an interview with Susan Henry and further interviews with the fellow directors.  I knew I wanted to work with them then as they were clear, focused and definitely on my wavelength, both sharing a positive outlook and cultivating culture. Once I had digested what the industry was about, I thought of it as challenge and one that I wanted to learn about.

Sam: I joined the industry in my teenage years and initially wanted to gain some admin experience. I quickly realised that working with great people and supply chain partners was the fit for me. An added bonus was working in this industry, which is diverse and ever changing. Being a part of how it has evolved and changed over the years has been interesting and has kept me on my toes!


You’ve each grown alongside Speed, what was it like working with us in the earlier days when the business was young?

Sharon: I wasn’t around in the earliest days but joined when the growth and consolidation was well underway, but I was immediately impressed by the desire to create a brand leader in the UK marketplace across the Group.

Caroline: I can recall working with Sam at the very start of both our careers in Speed Medical. Sam and I shared ideas, experiences and effectively help shape not only ourselves into more rounded individuals but made a positive impact to operational ideas and processes. As we learned the business and we grew in confidence and strength, and this has been invaluable to us both. We share the same work ethic but also had a good few giggles along the way. 

Sam: The business is different, though we are the same, maybe a little older and wiser. There are many things I like about Speed, with our people, culture and values being at the top of the list. We have grown as an organisation, and worked hard to never lose our core values, firmly believing we are only as good as our people.

Throughout your time with us, you’ve each moved upwards in your roles, now being 3 Directors within the business! But what was it that drew you to us in the first place that made you want to join us?

Sharon: The opportunity to work in a business with aspirations to grew and be a market leader. My initial role with Speed Medical gave me gave me a full insight into Speed’s potential, and the opportunity for progression in the business was a key factor in deciding to join.

Caroline: As I mentioned, during the interviews I got to know some of the directors, albeit during this formal process it was relaxed and exploratory. The culture was positive, focused, clear, open and at the same time warm and inviting. I felt that the senior team were open to listening to ideas, discussing ideas and it was a team effort.

Sam: Speed presents opportunity, it’s a business that invests in its people. I am fortunate enough to have worked in a few roles in the business, starting as a Team Leader. With the right support and encouragement, and there’s been plenty of it, it has allowed for invaluable experience, and working relationships with key internal and external stakeholders.

And as a result of being with us for such a long time now and having experienced different roles during your time, you’ve had the opportunity to continue to evolve alongside the business too. What was the most exciting part of that journey for each of you?

Sharon: As an Accountant, it was being able to put the businesses financial reporting in a place where it supported the growth of Speed and the Group.

Caroline: I can honestly say I have developed and learned so much in the various roles I have undertaken. I started my career at Speed Medical as the Rehabilitation Manager, moved over to an Operational Ops manager role and then through to Key accounts management. I have learned many elements in Speed, processes, efficiencies, quality measures, commercials, marketing, communications…. This is list is endless. The most exciting and satisfying part of my journey is working with the all the passionate people at Speed Medical and of course our fantastic customers. Speed has given me the autonomy to explore opportunities that have sometimes been thought as outside the box but welcomed by the senior team.  There is an old saying ‘give them their roots and give them their wings’. I can say that Speed has absolutely done this for me professionally.

Sam: It’s difficult to pinpoint one, as every role has been different and allowed me to grow personally and professionally. There have been opportunities and challenges in every position, and I have loved it all. It’s been great to see the business and people grow and evolve over the years.


Excellent, thanks all. Could you tell us a little more about your roles as today and Finance Director, Commercial Director, and Operations Director here at Speed. What are your responsibilities?

Sharon: I’m responsible for the Finance function of Speed from the transactional aspects of finance through to the current and future financial performance of the business.

Caroline: I am here to ensure that the commercial side of the business is robust in an ever-evolving landscape. Consistently assessing customer needs and requirements and shaping the business to accommodate. New products and services are at the forefront of Speed Medical. Speed Medical is agile, progressive, and respected, and this excites me. 

Sam: My role is to oversee all operational aspects of company strategy, set strategic goals and focus on the long-term planning for the organisation. I work collaboratively with Sharon and Caroline, to ensure the delivery of service, optimising our operational teams and supply chain function.

What does a typical working day look like for each of you?

Sharon: The role is a leadership role so managing and mentoring the diverse financial teams is the main aspect, I do get into the detail when necessary and working alongside my peers to move the business forward.

Caroline: No day is typical, which I love!  Days vary, dealing with both external and internal stakeholders. In essence I am here to positively enable others to achieve.

Sam: Every day is different and that’s what I love about my role at Speed. I work closely with Caroline and Sharon, so we’re always doing a variety of tasks to improve Speed and our service offering.


And what are your plans for 2024, how will you lead each of your teams forward this year?

Sharon: We continue to strive for operating in a more effective way across my teams and ensure we look after our people on a day-to-day basis.

Caroline: Continued success!! 2023 has been extremely positive in terms of growth, new business and of course maintaining relationships… long may that continue!!

Sam: To support the continued growth of the business, investing in our people, systems, and tech to deliver a great service.


Excellent, thanks all. Could you a highlight a few ways in which you have each helped to really shape the company over your years with us?

Sharon: There are many contributions to reflect on, but I think championing budgets and comprehensive financial reporting are a couple of stand outs.

Caroline: We have two ears, two eyes and one mouth, I have listened and learnt. This mantra has given me a huge understanding of the business and each day provides more understanding. This deeper knowledge and ever the ever-challenging sector allows me to regroup and devise new strategies, therefore new opportunities.  

Sam: I think like Caroline said, listening and learning is crucial to growing Speed. Understanding what our customers needs are, but also what our staff require in order to succeed in their roles. All are key elements as to why Speed has been so successful.


Why is it that you have each stayed with Speed for so long now? What makes us the employer for you?

Sharon: I enjoy the daily challenges and the ambition of the business.

Caroline: I love the people, the business, the culture, the pride and what we stand for. We are long term partners to not only our staff, customers but to the sector. 

Sam: The people, the culture, and opportunities. 


How would you describe the culture here at Speed?

Sharon: We look after our people and aspire to be the best at what we do.

Caroline: Open, fair, transparent, trusting, innovative, collaborative, flexible…to name but a few.

Sam: Personable, passionate, proud, open, honest, transparent, and fair.


And now our final question, what advice would you give to anyone looking to begin their career in the Medico-Legal industry?

Sharon: Be ambitious and always give of your best.

Caroline: Work hard, show tenacity, be fair, open, and honest. Learn, ask questions… learn and ask more questions… and enjoy!  I have loved every minute at Speed Medical.

Sam: Go for it! It’s a great industry that is ever changing, presenting lots of opportunities.


Sharon, Caroline, and Sam, thank you so much for your time, we cannot wait to see what 2024 has in store!


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