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5 Minutes With Paul Welch
5 Minutes With Paul Welch

5 Oct 2018

5 Minutes With Paul Welch

This week we were joined by our new Business Development Manager, Paul Welch, who will be responsible for the North West. We had a quick catch-up with him to find out more about his role and past experiences as well as a few fun facts…

“We’re delighted to welcome Paul onto the sales team! With vast experience he is a true asset to Speed Medical and to our customers - both current and prospective.” – Caroline Arrowsmith, Head of Sales.  

1. What are your main responsibilities?
To seek out new business from all corners of the galaxy (forgive the Star Trek speak). I am responsible for the North West of the country and my role includes identifying new opportunities with new firms as well as managing some existing accounts to increase the business we receive from them.

2. What is your main objective within this role?
To establish a wide reaching network of new business by making strong and lasting relationships with the firms and people I target and to add to the already superb level of skills within the sales team.

3. What jobs have you done prior to Speed Medical?
I started my career as an accountant but found that sales were where I preferred to be. I have previous experience working in the Medical Reporting sector and was in the asset finance and banking industry for 15 years.

4. What has been the highlight of your career?
I was awarded Sales Person of the Year for First National Bank which was definitely a career highlight for me. If I am honest, as a true salesperson, I get a massive kick out of every win so each one is a personal highlight.

5. What has been your greatest personal achievement?
Being allowed in the house after I’ve done something wrong…ooh and my 2 little (14 and 9) princesses Ella and Lola… I’m kind of proud of them!

6. Where were you born/where did you grow up?
I was born in Gloucester and lived there for 33 years before I moved north. No one ever told me I had to grow up though!

7. Fun facts: 3 fun facts about you?

• I’m in a band and once played to an audience of 5000 people.
• I used to race bikes and rally cars.
• I used to own a restaurant and was the chef….just as well as the wife can’t cook!

8. Do you have any pets?
I have a killer attack Chihuahua called Roxy. She is evil….pure evil….little, fat and evil. Best dog in the world! We did have a hamster called Elvis but he ‘left the building’ earlier this year and has been replaced with Max.

9. What are the best things in life?
Beer. Beer. Guitars. Food. Family. The order changes from time to time!!

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