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Putting control in the hands of your client

Patient engagement is vital in ensuring recovery and outcomes. The mymedical portal streamlines the appointment booking process and puts control in the hands of your client or employee.

Managing a medical appointment in the mymedical portal is as easy as ABC:

  • Amend - If your client can’t attend an appointment, they can amend their bookings easily using mymedical.
  • Book - Arranging an alternative appointment is simple. Our online appointment calendar allows them to select a convenient time and location.
  • Confirm - We ensure that all appointments are confirmed, improving client engagement and reducing incurred costs.

Mandates made simple

We understand obtaining a signed mandate from your client can be a lengthy process which is why our mymedical portal allows for the instant completion and submission of a signed mandate. This enables us to process the case much more efficiently therefore reducing overall end-to-end times.

Easier access for your client

Is your client on holiday? Do they work long hours? No problem! Our portal can be accessed anywhere, on any device. All they need is an internet connection and a phone, tablet or laptop.



“We know that your clients’ lifestyles won’t always allow for them to be available when we call regarding their medical appointment. We have launched our mymedical portal as a solution to this, giving them 24/7 instant access to their appointment details and the ability to easily manage their appointment at the touch of a button.”

Sam Hudson
Operations Director

With a comprehensive set of FAQ’s and operatives on hand, we’re available to answer any questions your client may have and assist them with their journey if needed.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our mymedical portal, contact us or call 0844 4129 333.

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