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On The Move…

Earlier this month, Medical Legal Appointments Ltd made yet another landmark move in its history. Although this one was perhaps a little less pioneering than some of the technological advances it has already developed a reputation for, it was no less important in terms of the operation’s history and ability to best serve its customers. And it definitely involved landmarks. Continue reading

MLA Launches Portal

MLA is a medical reporting agency that prides itself on delivering outstanding quality and value, proactively forecasting and innovatively adapting to market driven demands – all the time, placing customers’ needs for convenience and productivity at the heart of its development plans. Continue reading

What a Year That Was!

With the legislative framework continuing to evolve, competition at every level growing more intense, and collaborations, closures and mergers throughout the industry we have all been operating in an unbelievably dynamic environment. Continue reading

Cash, Customer Or Content – Which Is King?

Since business rather than bartering became the main way to acquire products and services, well-disciplined operations have been run in line with the principle that ‘cash is king’. We all know that turnover is vanity, profit is sanity but cashflow makes all the difference between life and death – in business at least. Continue reading

Children in Need 2014

On the 14th November staff at Speed Medical celebrated Children in Need and dug deep for this great cause. Continue reading

MLA’s Coles Calculator

NIHL reporting specialists MLA have made a pioneering stride forward with their audiology screening services, by introducing to their proposition the Coles Calculator tool. Continue reading

MLA’s First Seminar a Hit

MLA successfully hosted their inaugural industrial disease seminar in October, bringing together a fascinating selection of speakers to examine contemporary issues in the current market. Continue reading

High Court Rules Mesothelioma Consultation Was Inadequate

Earlier this year we reviewed the impact of the Government’s Mesothelioma Bill which faced heavy criticism from MPs and personal injury solicitors alike. Mesothelioma has hit the news headlines again sparking a fresh round of derogatory accusations from both legal firms and insurers – leaving the government embarrassed and many sufferers likely to die before their cases are settled. Continue reading

The Concept Of Trust

Trust is vital in business. In fact, some people would argue that it is the most critical aspect of any relationship and the key determinant of success where professional services are concerned. More important even than quality, service or communication, because without trust you are unlikely to get much opportunity to prove your worth in these other important areas. Continue reading

Walkthrough is Key for NIHL Clients

Running an industrial deafness case is an extensive exercise in evidence-collection. NIHL lawyers will be all too aware of time-consuming defendant and insurer searches, obtaining crucial medical records and long turnarounds for HMRC employment records. Continue reading

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