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Meet Dr Bunstone, Our Chief Medical Officer

Reflecting the increased industry emphasis on medical integrity, Dan Bunstone’s appointment in early 2015, as the ultimate medical authority within Speed, brings a wealth of additional experience to our operation. Continue reading

Clamour Around Industrial Deafness Gets Louder

As the new Government settles in, insurers will once again try to raise the issue of deafness claims with the MoJ. Prioritised as a key part of the ABI’s strategy to ‘modernise’ the civil justice system, so that compensation goes to ‘claimants rather than lawyers’, industrial deafness has seemingly become the new whiplash. Continue reading

Motorists Continue To Flout Traffic Laws

In a recent survey, on behalf of road safety charity Brake and insurer Direct Line, 25% of the interviewees accepted they had a problem concentrating while a further 23% of respondents said they deliberately ignored traffic laws because they could get away with it or simply didn’t agree with the law in question. Continue reading

June 4th, 2015 – We’re Saving The Date

The annual Claims Innovation Awards celebrate how firms, teams and individuals from across the legal services, claims management and associated industries’ landscape constantly find new ways of raising standards, growing business and improving access to justice. And amid changing market conditions, brought about by new legislation, there has perhaps never been a more important time to celebrate progress. Continue reading

MedCo Update

As we are all aware, utilisation of MedCo is now mandatory for each solicitor wishing to gather medical evidence for claims brought by occupants of motor vehicles, where the significant physical injury caused is a soft tissue injury. Continue reading

Rise In Clinical Negligence Cases Shows No Sign Of Slowdown

The number of clinical negligence cases in the UK is rising as is the value of their settlements. The drivers behind these increases often stoke debates between those looking to blame the compensation culture on no-win no-fee solicitors and those seeking to defend the legal profession. Continue reading

Focus On Less Obvious Lessons

Business people have long admired the talents and tenacity of sportspeople. Entrepreneurs often cite inspirational individuals as role models while many directors and senior managers in larger organisations use the lessons from team pursuits as part of their own strategic discourse. Continue reading

E-cigarettes In The Workplace

The issue of E-cigarettes, battery operated devices that mimic tobacco smoking, is becoming thornier for employers by the week. E-cigarettes fall outside the scope of current legislation, as the act of smoking requires a substance to be burnt, so office-based employers, just like pubs, restaurants and public buildings, are free to choose whether or not to allow employees and visitors to smoke on their premises. Continue reading

Full English, Queen Album Or Speed’s Portfolio?

Say ‘the works’ and most people will assume you’re talking about music or food. Nationwide the phrase has become shorthand for a full English breakfast and, of course, The Works was the acclaimed 11th studio album by rock band Queen. Continue reading

Maximising Meeting Time

Time is a finite and expensive commodity. Wasting precious time can seriously inhibit an organisation’s ability to grow yet still many corporate cultures revolve around meetings; even meetings about meetings. Continue reading

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