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Medical Expert Accreditation

From the beginning of this month, all medical experts accepting instructions under the MOJ’s pre-action protocol for low value soft tissue injury reporting must have been accredited by MedCo. And all tier one agencies must, as a minimum, manage a panel of 250 medical experts who have passed the accreditation training. Continue reading

Government accepts Insurance Fraud Taskforce Measures

The Government has accepted 26 fraud prevention proposals made last January by the Insurance Fraud Taskforce and has now called for urgency in implementing the measures. Continue reading

Driverless Cars Becoming More Of A Reality On Our Roads.

Trials of autonomous vehicles – driverless cars – are ongoing across the UK, as well as in many countries throughout Europe and in the USA. Here, backed by £19m of government funding projects are underway in Greenwich, Bristol, Milton Keynes and Coventry. Three different kinds of autonomous vehicles are in operation in tests that will assess the public’s interaction with the vehicles as much as the evolving technology itself. And, thanks to a green light given this Spring, driverless cars will be tested on Britain’s motorways as soon as next year. Continue reading

The Low Down On Dressing Up

Company dress codes have been under scrutiny in the news recently. You may recall a receptionist was sent home for refusing to wear high heels which caused a storm of protest and an eventual public climb down by her employer. The topic is a tricky one. Nobody wants too many rules. Phrases like smart casual are useless as standards vary from person to person and the display of body art, once a definite no-no, is now actively encouraged in some firms as part of their brand personalities. Continue reading

Flexibility Is The Key

There are always reasons to be distracted at work. An employee may have problems at home, it might be too hot to concentrate in the office, they may be dealing with a medical issue or they might just want to be somewhere else, doing something else. Continue reading

Speed Doubles Up With Clinical Negligence Campaign

For the second year running, Speed Medical has scooped top prize in the best marketing campaign category at the Claims Innovation Awards. This year’s event was held in Manchester on Thursday 9th June and the category was hotly contested. Continue reading

Passing the Baton

Succession planning, the process for identifying and developing internal people with the potential to fill key leadership positions in a company, is a vital but often under-considered aspect of good corporate governance in the UK which can impact on business continuity in so many ways. Out of succession planning, issues emerge: talent management; organisational memory; employee engagement; staff motivation and retention; and organisational development to name a few. Continue reading

Premiums Remain Static In First Quarter

This month has seen some good news for motorists as reports circulate that the average price for comprehensive car insurance premium remained unchanged at £671 in the first quarter of 2016. According to findings from the latest Car Insurance Price Index, younger drivers still experienced relatively high quarterly increases while those aged between 25 and 55 saw typical drops of up to 3% between January and March. The impact of the government’s drive, aided and abetted by insurers, to lower the premiums for motorists, by rooting out opportunistic whiplash claimants and clamping down on organised gangs of motor fraudsters is, as yet, unclear.

How Long Before We See Google Insurance or Amazon Law?

One study in particular, into the state of financial services around Europe, caught our eyes this month. According to a major survey conducted among more than 7,000 people throughout Europe, on behalf of technology conglomerate Fujitsu, something like a fifth of all European consumers would be happy to buy financial products from Google, Amazon or Facebook, with insurance high on their list of priorities. Continue reading

The Art of Delegation

Delegation is not just telling someone to do something and then watching them as they attempt to succeed in the task. It is about communicating effectively so that an employee understands what is in their instructor’s head. It’s also about giving people the right tools that will enable them to deliver results, on time and within budget, at the required quality standard. And yes it really is an art – probably one of the biggest for anybody in a management role to master. Continue reading

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