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Data Protection Legislation Continues To Evolve

Last month we brought you the news that the Information Commissioner’s Office had lambasted GPs and insurance firms over a lack of patient data privacy and we also touched on the fact that more stringent data regulation is being developed for a 2017 launch, to take into account the many technological advances of the past two decades. Continue reading

Getting To Grips With Dermatitis

The industrial disease and work-related illness experts over at our specialist subsidiary, MLA, deal with all sorts of weird-sounding and difficult to pronounce conditions as part of their normal daily routine. They are familiar with guiding industry partners and their clients through sometimes prolonged but nearly always complicated medical investigations. Continue reading

Your Professional Rehabilitation Partner

Rehabilitation plays a pivotal role in helping clients recover physically, and psychologically, from injuries sustained as a result of an accident and that naturally, here at Speed, we believe we are your ideal partner when it comes to all types of treatment. Continue reading

A Lot Can Change in Two Years

It’s been just over two years now since Speed’s acquisition of Medical Legal Appointments Ltd – a medical agency specialising in industrial disease related claims. Since that time a lot has happened, both internally as we have exploited operational synergies, and externally, as the personal injury market has continued to evolve. Continue reading

Delicate Balancing Act

It can often be difficult to get the balance between planning and action just right. When planning something, how much is too much? What level of detail do you need to give to a plan before you take some action? Should you commit every granular action to paper – real or virtual – just in case you are run over by a bus and somebody new has to come in and execute your plan? Or should you just map out the major landmarks on the journey leaving whoever embarks upon it the freedom to go their own way? Continue reading

MLA To Partner With Pure Claims

Through our specialist industrial disease subsidiary MLA, Speed Medical has entered into an exclusive partnership with Pure Claims – the UK’s largest provider of NIHL claims. Continue reading

Vibration White Finger

Speed Medical’s specialist industrial-disease subsidiary, MLA, has extensive experience of dealing with all sorts of injury claims related to weirdly named conditions and syndromes. Some are extremely well known, if hard to pronounce, others are less famous, with in-depth knowledge concentrated among smaller groups of sufferers, their families and professional advisors. Continue reading

Privacy Comes First

The Information Commissioner’s Office slammed GPs and insurance firms over patient data privacy at the end of last month. After a lengthy investigation into the industry, the ICO said that insurers could be in breach of several of the Data Protection Act’s principles around patients giving informed and explicit consent, data being kept longer than necessary and data security. Continue reading

No Shortage of Photographic Evidence

Everyone knows that good photographic evidence can often be the deciding factor in contested road traffic accident claims although I doubt that even the keenest advocate for its use would suggest something as dangerous as taking ‘selfies’ while at the wheel of a moving vehicle. But it appears we brits are doing just that. Continue reading

Relationships vs Transactions

Not that long ago, the perceived wisdom in business was just to sell. To sell as much as possible, to as many as possible. Transaction after transaction, conducted in the fastest time at the highest margin with often no more than a faint hope of repeat business. Continue reading

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