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Wellbeing Concerns

A large number of workers in the UK believe work is having a detrimental effect on their health and wellbeing, causing unnecessary suffering and leading to a loss of productivity for their employers. Continue reading

NIHL Claims Shake-Up

You will probably have read over the last couple of weeks that the Association of British Insurers (ABI), has renewed its call for yet another shake-up in the industry, this time where noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is concerned. Continue reading

Fad, Fashion or Natural Evolution

It’s incredible how online design trends spread. They start slowly, get adopted by a few pioneering website owners keen to experiment and then, before you know it, everyone’s at it. What was once adventurous and different soon becomes standard and boring. Not to mention ineffective. Continue reading

A Question About Questions

How do you engage your prospects? Telemarketing? Newsletters? Traditional advertising? What about quizzes? Continue reading

Enjoy The Summer – While It Lasts!

The vast majority of people enjoy the warmer summer weather. They long to be outdoors and they alter their dress accordingly. Continue reading

MedCo Beset With Criticism

Two months in and the government-driven independent online portal has been beset with technical problems and roundly criticised by many within the industry. Continue reading

It’s Not Just About The Financial Settlement

Financial awards catch the eye but most industry observers forget that personal injury cases are about much more than money. They are about returning an individual to their pre-accident state (or as close as possible to it) both physically and mentally, getting people back to work and restoring an individual’s confidence. Continue reading

Clinical Negligence On The Rise

In the last full year of the coalition government, the NHS was hit with bills for almost 12,000 new clinical negligence claims topping £1.1billion. That’s almost double the figure recorded when the coalition first came to office. Now, for every £100 spent by government on the NHS, £1 is used to compensate individuals for medical mistakes and the government has a multi-billion pound budget set aside to cover such instances. Of course, the kind of mistakes being made tend to have life changing consequences for victims and they often involve significant and prolonged after-care but given that bringing and winning a claim for clinical negligence is so tough, compensation on this scale is simply amazing. What’s more, the trend shows no sign of stopping let alone reversing. Continue reading

What Can Business Learn From Politicians?

The typical employee lasts about as long in their role as an MP takes to complete a Parliamentary term. But in politics, unlike in business, most careers are expected to end in failure. Thankfully, as businesspeople we normally leave an organisation with our dignity intact, rather than red-faced and glassyeyed, in front of fierce rivals as our departure is announced to the world. Continue reading

What Type Of Manager Are You?

First off, it’s important to stress that there is no right or wrong way to lead a team. To a great extent, the best strategy will depend on the personalities of the manager and the individuals within that specific team but there are styles everyone can learn to help maximise their team’s engagement – and a higher engagement will reduce wasted time, save money and enhance performance. Continue reading

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