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Robot Revolution Or Motoring Madness?

In May, at a technology conference in the States, Google unveiled the latest version of its driverless vehicle, a two-seater that has no steering wheel or other driver controls. It is one of 100 self-driving car prototypes that the technology giant, best known for its software solutions, is building throughout this decade. Continue reading

Impact Of An Ageing Population

We’re all getting older, that’s one inevitability there’s no escaping from. But what impact will the UK’s increasingly larger proportion of older people have on personal injury claims? And have many firms thought about it yet? Continue reading

Even Medical Professionals Make Mistakes

We’re fortunate enough here in the UK to have some of the highest medical standards in the world, with doctors and nurses both consistently ranking in surveys as two of the most trusted professions. These people do a fantastic job often under difficult conditions in the public and private health sectors, however, like in any industry, things can and do go wrong from time to time. Continue reading

Heed The Warnings Of Our Experts

Here at Speed Medical we put a lot of faith in the word of our experts. After all, we make them satisfy stringent requirements so that we and our partners know their opinion is one we can truly rely on. Among the various disciplines, one of the most important and regularly consulted groups is physiotherapists. With their help we have developed new triage systems, innovative home mobilisation programmes and online portals to help drive better treatment and greater reporting efficiencies. Continue reading

Anti-Fraud Announcement Welcomed

June saw the announcement of new anti-fraud measures relating to personal injury claims. The government measures, which clarified and codified long-anticipated changes for everybody, took a common-sense approach that many campaigned for and have subsequently welcomed. Continue reading

It’s Not Just Absenteeism You Need To Worry About

When looking up a few interesting facts about the World Cup, all in the line of duty of course, we came across numerous pieces of advice, counselling employers how to deal with absenteeism and impaired performance during the month long competition. Continue reading

Chronic Back Pain – Who is Really Responsible?

It stops you from reaching for a box of cereal, it inhibits your ability to drive. You might not even be able to rise out of bed comfortably or lift up your children. Back pain is a condition suffered by many people in their lifetime but to what degree is a negligent employer responsible when the pain becomes chronic? Continue reading

Almost As Many Legal Students As There Are Jobs

Last month we reported on the continued popularity of law as a discipline, citing the 94,000 or so students that embark upon a course of legal learning every year. Changes to the operating environment, the high costs of studying and the hours involved seem not to have deterred those pursuing a career in the field. However, it seems one looming issue could change all that. Continue reading

Independence Is In Our DNA

Our business model has always been built on the theory that independence is best, for us and our customers. We operate a comprehensive and nationwide network of professional medical experts managed, and reviewed monthly for their suitability, by a dedicated Expert Liaison team. Continue reading

Has Hot Tubbing Been A Success?

The answer, quite honestly is nobody really knows yet, at least not in the UK because the number of cases where concurrent evidence, to give the practice its more formal name, has been used is still relatively low. Continue reading

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