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Lack of Trust

Among the many things we learned last month, we discovered that the general public is still very unconvinced by the integrity of the UK’s insurers. According to research by YouGov, on behalf of Access to Justice, as many as four out of every five members of the public don’t believe insurance companies want to pass on the savings made from proposed government reforms to personal injury claims. And only one in every ten interviewees, from a large, nationally representative sample, said they trusted insurers to uphold their promises and reduce car insurance premiums if the reforms become law. Continue reading


Think of industrial diseases and you might come up with three or four off the top of your head. You might even be able to name more if you’ve ever worked with or known victims and their families. Asbestosis, eczema, mesothelioma, vibration white finger, repetitive strain injury, popcorn lung, noise-induced hearing loss, dermatitis, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic back problems – the list goes on and on. But how many people would consider concussion to be on that list? Continue reading

Tomorrow’s Boardroom

What words would you use to describe your Board, its driving philosophy and its composition? I guess, like in so many organisations, your language would be fairly restrained, peppered with adjectives like sensible, prudent, balanced and stable. Continue reading

Going The Extra Mile…

It’s an interesting phrase, “going the extra mile”, and one that can mean something different to every single person. In some instances it might mean something basic like saying please or thank you or referring to someone by their name. In other circumstances it might mean an employee going beyond the remit of their role to help somebody out of a tricky situation. And in our case, as well as summarising the lengths we go to in order to offer an unrivalled service, it means being there for our customers and their clients for the long-term. Continue reading

Unions Lead Calls For Enhanced Scanning

The Union of Democratic Mineworkers (UDM) is lobbying Government to help former colliery workers manage their health by ensuring they have access to regular CT scans. Continue reading

Getting To Know… Katie Lynch, Clinical Negligence Team Leader

Katie, who has been with Speed for almost a year now, has taken some time out of her busy day to share a few of her thoughts with us this month as we kick off a series of quick fire interviews designed to help you get to know the team here at Speed a little better. Continue reading

Courts Braced For More Clinical Negligence Claims

We all know that, nationwide, as the NHS tries to cope with staff shortages and budget deficits, hospitals are feeling the pressure. Accident and Emergency departments are suffering from a growing number of complaints and even temporary closures. Continue reading

Ghost Broker Convicted

Hojjat Nickhoo, a London-based insurance fraudster, was sentenced to 21 months in prison, suspended for two years, at the end of last month, after being convicted of attempting to defraud 25 insurance companies of over £39,000 between 2010 and 2012. Continue reading

Latest Statistics Show Rise In Road Casualties

Road safety was under the spotlight again at the end of last month when the Government released its latest figures relating to the number of people killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads. In the year ending March 2016, 1,780 people were killed with a further 22,830 seriously injured which means there’s been an increase of 1.9% on the previous year’s total casualty figure of 22,404. Continue reading

Lingering Holiday Reminders

With many summer holidays now over for another year, what better time to reflect on those cherished memories burned into the memory banks or captured on one digital device or another? Prompted by hearing a tune on the car stereo, a recently changed profile picture on social media sites, the smell of exotic food as we pass by a restaurant or even a balmy Autumn evening that means we can sit out late into the night enjoying a drink with friends, nothing makes us smile more than re-living a favourite holiday memory. Continue reading

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