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Theory More Popular Than Practice

Nationally, just one per cent of eligible new fathers have taken any shared parental leave since the right was enshrined in law last April. Continue reading

Birmingham Tops Table For Motor Fraud

Birmingham: a fine city. Home to the industrial revolution, its list of achievements over the years is legendary. And I know a number of proud and passionate Brummies who’d leap at the chance to tell you some of its lessor known claims to fame. Things like the first ever x-ray was taken in Birmingham; it is the birthplace of plastic, cotton wool, the pneumatic tyre and state education. And Cluedo was invented by a Birmingham man. Continue reading

Are We Being Held Back?

Recently, as I’m sure you will have noticed, we’ve been working on a major clinical negligence campaign to make customers more aware of the breadth and quality of our offer in that area. As part of the marketing initiative, we brought several digital communications channels into play, including social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, YouTube and our own electronic newsletter and website. Continue reading

Cloudy Overhead

Somewhat surprisingly in this day and age, a new study among the employees of 12,000 companies, commissioned on behalf of Steelcase, has revealed that only half of the workplaces in the UK have the resources to enable remote working, despite the huge efficiencies it could bring. Continue reading

Keeping In Contact With Your B2B customers – Top Tips

The most successful organisations know how valuable it can be to cultivate strong relationships with their customers; something which is especially true in a business to business context. And, if those relationships are to be built, nurtured and leveraged, the best way to engender loyalty is through regular and meaningful communication: staying in touch with your customers, their needs and their desires. Continue reading

Improved Clinical Negligence Service

In last month’s newsletter we touched on the issue of clinical negligence, an increasingly prevalent problem in hospitals and medical centres around the world. We’re fortunate enough here in the UK to have some of the highest medical standards in the world, with doctors and nurses both consistently ranking in surveys as two of the most trusted professions. These people do a fantastic job often under difficult conditions in the public and private health sectors, however, as in any industry, things can go wrong. Continue reading

What Makes A Specialist?

Time and again we describe our dedicated team at MLA as specialists in the area of industrial disease. But what does that really mean? The Oxford English Dictionary describes a specialist as a person or organisation concentrating primarily on a particular subject or activity or an entity that is highly skilled in a specific and restricted field. Continue reading

Not So Hot For Business

Does your office environment contribute to or detract from the success of your business? We’ve been told for years that the amount of natural light makes a massive difference to our wellbeing, and the wellbeing of our staff in the workplace, as does the correct positioning of computer screens and ergonomic furniture. And we all know from first-hand experience that the temperature in an office can directly influence our motivation and ability to work efficiently but now, new research has come to light suggesting that modern open plan offices and hot-desking may not be the successful innovations in working practices we once believed them to be. Continue reading

A significant investment in Corpore TTN

We are pleased to announce that on 11 March 2016, the shareholders of Corpore TTN completed the sale of the majority of their shares in the Group to the parent company of Speed Medical. Continue reading

Are EU Happy To Remain?

So, the European Union referendum date is confirmed. On June 23rd, the United Kingdom will go to the polls for what could be the single most important vote that any of us will ever have to cast. General Elections are always crucial, of course, as they decide who will govern the country for the next five years but this referendum will decide our nation’s future for much longer. Continue reading

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