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A Warm Welcome (and welcome back)

For those of you that don’t already know, Caroline Arrowsmith has taken up a new position as our head of sales, following four years in a business development role and five years working in the business as a rehabilitation department manager and operations manager. Caroline has a deep understanding of the business, keen eye for detail and ability to build mutually beneficial relationships and, in her first major act, she’s focused on the business’s future with the appointment of two new business development managers. Continue reading

SRA Concerned About NIHL Claims

Reports emerged last month stating that, in the process of compiling its most recent thematic review into the UK’s personal injury market, the Solicitors Regulation Authority uncovered a number of serious concerns about the quality of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) evidence in support of claims for compensation. Continue reading

Quick, Easy & Reliable

By now, a good many of this newsletter’s readers will have noticed a slightly more unusual marketing campaign launched on behalf of our colleagues over at MLA. The concept of this campaign was to mirror a flat pack furniture insert as a way of visually communicating what the team has to offer. And it’s certainly created a talking point. Continue reading

Fixed Fees For Clinical Negligence Cases Worth Up To £25,000?

Minutes taken at a Civil Procedure Rule Committee meeting in July, circulated in October, seem to indicate a major rethink in Government policy on clinical negligence claims. The Department of Health has been examining the issue of fixed fees for such cases for more than a year now with claims worth as much as £250,000 expected to be included within the fixed recoverable costs regime – something many within the industry oppose and have lobbied hard against. Continue reading

Lack of Trust

Among the many things we learned last month, we discovered that the general public is still very unconvinced by the integrity of the UK’s insurers. According to research by YouGov, on behalf of Access to Justice, as many as four out of every five members of the public don’t believe insurance companies want to pass on the savings made from proposed government reforms to personal injury claims. And only one in every ten interviewees, from a large, nationally representative sample, said they trusted insurers to uphold their promises and reduce car insurance premiums if the reforms become law. Continue reading


Think of industrial diseases and you might come up with three or four off the top of your head. You might even be able to name more if you’ve ever worked with or known victims and their families. Asbestosis, eczema, mesothelioma, vibration white finger, repetitive strain injury, popcorn lung, noise-induced hearing loss, dermatitis, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic back problems – the list goes on and on. But how many people would consider concussion to be on that list? Continue reading

Tomorrow’s Boardroom

What words would you use to describe your Board, its driving philosophy and its composition? I guess, like in so many organisations, your language would be fairly restrained, peppered with adjectives like sensible, prudent, balanced and stable. Continue reading

Going The Extra Mile…

It’s an interesting phrase, “going the extra mile”, and one that can mean something different to every single person. In some instances it might mean something basic like saying please or thank you or referring to someone by their name. In other circumstances it might mean an employee going beyond the remit of their role to help somebody out of a tricky situation. And in our case, as well as summarising the lengths we go to in order to offer an unrivalled service, it means being there for our customers and their clients for the long-term. Continue reading

Unions Lead Calls For Enhanced Scanning

The Union of Democratic Mineworkers (UDM) is lobbying Government to help former colliery workers manage their health by ensuring they have access to regular CT scans. Continue reading

Getting To Know… Katie Lynch, Clinical Negligence Team Leader

Katie, who has been with Speed for almost a year now, has taken some time out of her busy day to share a few of her thoughts with us this month as we kick off a series of quick fire interviews designed to help you get to know the team here at Speed a little better. Continue reading

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